Commercial Refrigeration

At Rite-Temp Refrigeration, we understand how much you depend upon your commercial refrigeration systems to keep your product safe and fresh. Many times a large walk in cooler or freezer will hold thousands of dollars of product and an equipment failure can put your business at risk for loss of product due to food spoilage or worse yet, sickness due to not maintaining correct product temperature.

Here at Rite-Temp Refrigeration we have been specializing in Commercial Refrigeration for over 10 years, and we are passionate about diagnosing and repairing your equipment reliably, so you have less down time and are up and running as soon as possible. While some companies may have one tech that is experienced in Refrigeration, we have a whole team that specializes in Refrigeration. Furthermore, owner Mike Foust has been servicing commercial refrigeration equipment for over 20 years, giving you peace of mind in knowing we are specialists with many years of experience in this field.

Rite-Temp Refrigeration, Heating & Cooling Provides:

  • Commercial Refrigeration Repairs
  • Commercial Ice Machine Repairs
  • Walk In Cooler & Freezer Repairs
  • Ice Machine Leasing
  • Multiple Leasing Equipment Discounts
  • Small Commercial Refrigeration Leasing
  • Scheduled Maintenance Agreements
  • Installation Services
  • Free Equipment Replacement Estimates
  • $1.00 First Time Service Call

Rite-Temp Refrigeration has been trusted by Hospitals, Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Schools, Churches, County Health Departments, and Meat Packing Facilities for over 10 years because they know they can count on Rite-Temp to take their emergency call seriously and give it the priority it deserves. We are passionate about finding the root cause of your equipment failures, and taking swift action to get you back up and running again as soon as possible, rather than patching it up and hoping it doesn’t fail again. Or worse yet, guessing at the problem, replacing parts until it’s fixed!

Rite-Temp Refrigeration sells only the highest quality manufactured walk-in cooler and freezer boxes, and is a U.S. Cooler Distributor, a company that manufactures their product right here in the USA. They sell Larkin, and Russell Refrigeration Equipment, Leaders in the commercial refrigeration industry for many years. They also sell Smaller Commercial Kitchen equipment from brands like, True Manufacturing, Beverage Air, and Atosa, and Ice Machine brands like Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, and Scotsman. The maintenance and repair of your vital refrigeration equipment is too critical to trust to just anybody. This type of equipment requires the services of true professionals, and that is just what you will get with Rite-Temp Refrigeration. Professionals who specialize in servicing refrigeration equipment day after day and know how to get the best out of your system. Whether you are a restaurant or convenience store owner, a school superintendent, or a hospital administrator, you can trust Rite-Temp Refrigeration to give you the very best of quality and dependability. Call for an appointment today!